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wall coating technology

Q. How do i know if my walls need protecting?


If you have no obvious signs of damp, simply perform a 'splash test' if you splash water onto brickwork and it is quickly absorbed then you will greatly benifit from an application



Q. Will the look of my property change?


No, as the coating drys the walls will return to the same colour prior to application



Q. Can it be applied to painted render?


It can be applied to un painted render, however not painted render as the product needs to be absorbed into the wall



Q. Can it be applied to pebbledash?


Yes, pebbledash is made up of stone and mortar, the product will be absorbed by the mortar leaving the wall protected



Q. How long does it last?


We offer 2 types of Weather Guard, one lasts upto 10 years, and the other upto 20 years